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D2.2: Set of use cases and scenarios

Case n° 3: Pessers vs. Lycos in the Netherlands  Title:


Anonymously defending your anonymity

The problem of the anonymous person, wanting to defend and retain his anonymity when it’s revocation is being questioned before court, could be solved by analogy of California draft legislation (Assembly Bill 1143, see This draft legislation creates an official procedure for de-anonymising and goes as follows:  

  1. a plaintiff suits (asks) an ISP to de-anonymise a client and provides the ISP with the reasons. 

  2. the SP notifies the anonymous personand sends him a copy of the suit, 

  3. the anonymous is granted a reasonable period to defend himself against the petition and sends his defence to the SP who sends it to the judge. 

  4. the judge rules on the defence. 

  5. if the party that files the suit abuses this procedure, he has to pay damages. 


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Case n° 3: Pessers vs. Lycos in the Netherlands  fidis-wp2-del2.2.Cases_stories_and_Scenario_04.sxw  References
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