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D2.2: Set of use cases and scenarios

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Scope and objectives


“D2.2 Cases, stories and scenarios” represents the second document created in the context of the workpackage 2 of the FIDIS Network of Excellence, aiming at better understanding the “Identity and Identification” concepts.


Following the previous document “D2.1 Inventory of Terms”, which identified the different terms found in the Identity domain and started to draft some definitions of these terms, D2.2 document consists in a short collection of cases, stories, scenarios, or perspectives in a particular application domain, linking the different Identity terms and concepts together in different contexts and according to a multidisciplinary perspective. The relatively informal form in which this content is presented (as narratives, scenarios, etc.) represents indeed a very effective means to propagate (McLellan, 2002), to elicit (Snowden, 2002), to capture, and to exchange complex ideas, but also to encourage collaboration, to generate new ideas and to ignite change (Denning, 2001; Lelic, 2002) in the FIDIS network. 


The first aim of this document is to make the reader aware of the variety of identities issues, via the provision of concrete and comprehensible illustrations. Its focus is not however to indicate how these issues are to be addressed. A second objective is to collect very concrete and comprehensible materials from the different members of the consortium, that will be used later in FIDIS as reference materials helping to illustrate a particularly issue. The third aim is to facilitate inside FIDIS the construction of a common understanding between the partners, facilitating the emergence of collaboration. The final aim is to contribute to the generation of new ideas, and the circulation of these ideas both inside and outside the FIDIS consortium. 


Each of these cases, stories, scenarios and perspectives has been contributed by a different member of the consortium that had the opportunity to illustrate an identity issue of its domain of expertise, and each of the contribution has been reviewed by at least two partners. In several cases, the contributions correspond to the follow-up of presentations that were given at the second WP2 workshop that took place at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France, in December 2004. The contributions come under a variety of forms (short or long contributions, very schematical or only textual), a maximum freedom in this matter having been given to the authors in order not to limit their expressiveness. Finally, it is important to indicate that this set of cases, stories, scenario and perspectives is not supposed to be complete, and in particular it does not cover all the different domains that are concerned with identity issues, but only the few that the members of the consortium have considered to be the most significant. 




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