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D2.1: Inventory of Topics and Clusters

Defining the Ontology concept  Title:
 Terms collection tools with WIKIs


Modelling tools (such as Ontology editors)

The first category of tools include editors that help to design Ontologies such as the Protégé system. This kind of tool is only adapted for the representation of “semantic” ontologies. We will not detail this solution now, because we believe it is not currently adapted –at  least at the initial stage- to the definition of a domain as broad and still subject to important  evolutions.

Note: we can also mention graphical modelling tools that could be used to help represent objects and relationship. However, we are not aware of experiences using these tools to help in the design on sophisticated Ontologies. 


Defining the Ontology concept  fidis-wp2-del2.1_Inventory_of_topics_and_clusters_03.sxw  Terms collection tools with WIKIs
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