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D2.1: Inventory of Topics and Clusters

Introduction  Title:
 Approach and methodology


The Content and Structure of this Document

The first section of this document is methodological, and presents the approach that can be used to specify the conceptualisation of a domain in general, and how it can be applied in the context of the FIDIS project. It first provides a basic theoretical background related to definition of concepts and more precisely relates to the Ontology approach for explicitly specifying the semantic of a set of terms of a domain. It then indicates the set of processes and tools that can be employed to collect and construct the conceptualization. It finally presents how these principles can be applied in the context of FIDIS to specify the conceptualisation of the Identity domain. 

The second section provides a relatively in-depth overview of the terms and topics that are considered as central to the Identity domain. Examples of the terms and concepts that are covered include: identity profile, multiple identity, digital territory and application context of identity, elements associated with the topic of identification such as privacy, anonymity, pseudonymity, etc.. The objective of this section is to introduce to the reader the main topics and issues relevant to the Identity domain. Most of its content is constituted by the content of existing documents originating from some of the members of the FIDIS consortium such as (Hansen and Pfitzmann, 2004), (Prime, 2004), or (Jaquet-Chiffelle et al., 2004), from the presentations at the first WP2 workshop (FIDIS WP2 workshop, 2003) and from the direct contribution from the FIDIS members.

The third section proposes an inventory of terms that are relevant to the Identity domain; it makes a tentative (tree-like) categorisation of these terms. It also proposes a set of templates to be used to systematically define terms and concepts, describes the WIKI infrastructure that has been set in place to support this identification process and the collection of the definitions of the terms and concepts. It also indicates the mechanisms and processes that have been set-up to encourage the participation of the members of the consortium in this construction.  

The last section concludes the document providing a short assessment of the work presented, and some directions for future work. 


Introduction  fidis-wp2-del2.1_Inventory_of_topics_and_clusters_03.sxw  Approach and methodology
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