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D2.1: Inventory of Topics and Clusters

Executive Summary  Title:
 The Content and Structure of this Document




This deliverable (document + WIKI), created in the context of the workpackage 2 of the FIDIS Network of Excellence, represents the first result of the task aiming at specifying the conceptualisation of the Identity domain, with a particular emphasis on a multidisciplinary perspective.

The objective of this conceptualisation is twofold:  

  1. to contribute to the understanding of the many dimensions of the Identity domain. This is done in this first version via the identification and categorisation of the most important themes and topics of this field, and the description / definition of key Identity concepts;

  2. to facilitate the sharing knowledge on this domain amongst the different stakeholders. This is done through the definition of a shared vocabulary to be used in the Identity domain, and the setting-up of the conditions for the dynamic of exchange of this knowledge inside the FIDIS community.

The objective is also to provide a relevant contribution to the body of “scientific” knowledge, through a better semantic formalisation of the concepts associated with the Identity domain. 

The audience of this document comprises both:

  1. the non-experts (citizens, employees, civil servants, …), who need to quickly understand the main issues in the domain of Identity or who wish to find a particular definition of a term that they may have encountered during readings or discussions;

  2. the experts who want to get a more holistic (multidisciplinary) perspective of this domain, a more unambiguous and agreed definition of the terms they are using, and  better ways to communicate with others (non-experts or experts originating from different disciplines and thus having a differing background).

This document tries to be comprehensible (but not simplistic) even to the non-specialist. It presents the definitions simply, according to multiple facets, and is illustrated with concrete examples where possible. During the design of the document, the emphasis has been put on the comprehensiveness of the semantic of the terms and the desire to disambiguate the meaning(s) of the concepts, rather than on thoroughness and completeness of the definitions (more complete and “rigorous” definitions are to be found in more specialised documents).

Finally, the principal focus of this first conceptualisation work is on setting-up the solid foundations (both technical and organizational) for a lively process of continuous evolution of the specification of conceptualization of the identity domain in the consortium. It is assumed that this conceptualisation is going to emerge from the work that is conducted in this project and from the interaction of the members of the consortium. This conceptualisation is intended to be an “active and living thing”, subject to continuous changes and additions as the field of Identity evolves (new concepts will progressively be integrated as the FIDIS project advances integrated). Its aim is also to help linking the different stated definitions of identity in the different perspectives (technical, social, legal, etc.) involved in this project, and / or present in the different workpackages. The final objective aims to capture and to reflect the current state and share understanding of the Identity field as seen by the “FIDIS community”.


This deliverable (document + WIKI), aiming at facilitating the comprehension of the Identity domain, and the diffusion of awareness of the Identity issues, is complemented by two deliverables: (1) “D2.2 Set of Use Cases and Scenarios”, which will provide more elaborated examples, cases, stories and scenarios, linking the different identity terms with one another; and (2) “D2.3 Identity models”, which will provide a more formal and complete characterisation of how Identity is represented (in particular what is the data model of the identity of a person). 



Executive Summary  fidis-wp2-del2.1_Inventory_of_topics_and_clusters_03.sxw  The Content and Structure of this Document
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