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D2.1: Inventory of Topics and Clusters

Model template  Title:
 Identity (as a person characterisation)


The Categorisation


An overall categorisation of the different Identity terms is: 

  1. Identity (seen as the characterisation of the person) 

    1. Biological 

    2. Behavioural 

    3. Situational 

    4. Abstracted 

  2. Identification 

    1. Identifier 

    2. Processes and properties 

  3. Identity Management 

    1. Approach 

    2. Mechanisms for obfuscating the information 

    3. Mechanisms contributing to disclose the information 

  4. Application (areas) and context 

    1. Application domain 

    2. Territory 

    3. Threat (associated to the contexts) 

  5. Other 


The following chapters will go into the details of this categorisation. 


Model template  fidis-wp2-del2.1_Inventory_of_topics_and_clusters_03.sxw  Identity (as a person characterisation)
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