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D2.1: Inventory of Topics and Clusters

The Identity and Identification Issues  Title:
 The I, the Implicit Me, and the Explicit Me


The (self-) Identity concept

The notion of Identity is related to the characterisation and representation of a person (physical or moral) or of a group, and is concerned with the structure of this characterisation. For instance, Identity can be categorised according to different facets such as the personal Identity (personal), the biologic Identity (DNA), social Identity (membership), or the legal Identity and articulates them with their usage in different situations (such as leisure activities, transaction, work or social interaction). 

The concept of Identity can be applied to a physical, a moral or an abstract person (such as an organisation or group). Notably, many different possible categorisations of identity information exist. 


The Identity and Identification Issues  fidis-wp2-del2.1_Inventory_of_topics_and_clusters_03.sxw  The I, the Implicit Me, and the Explicit Me
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