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D2.6: Identity in a Networked World – Use Cases and Scenarios

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 Appendix A


FIDIS Deliverable D2.2 “Set of use cases and scenarios” (Thierry Nabeth, ed.) aimed to raise awareness and better understanding of identity issues using a set of very different cases, stories, scenarios and perspectives coming from very different fields of interest. Starting from that document, the goal of this deliverable D2.6 is the creation of a high quality output for public diffusion, i.e. starting from the technically challenging contributions in D2.2 towards a more “digestible” and more attractive form for a wider public, which is not necessarily specialised. Hence seven subjects have been elaborated to a form appropriate for the special needs. 

The form of the main part of this deliverable consists therefore of a booklet of 16 pages, included in its electronic form as Appendix A of the present document. The main goal of this appendix is not the electronic version itself but a printed high quality version of the appendix A that is produced. As this booklet may serve for raising interest in the general work of FIDIS and also the WP2 “Identity of Identity”, its size was chosen to be small and special work was done for raising its presentational form, i.e. a multicoloured brochure of 16 pages, large enough to be distributed to interested person for getting information about FIDIS as well as the central problems raised in this deliverable, small enough to not frighten non-specialised readers and to motivate them in gaining further insight in the work done by the FIDIS consortium. 

The brochure is distributed by the authors of the deliverables and the coordinator. 




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