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D3.9: Study on the Impact of Trusted Computing on Identity and Identity Management

Recommendations and Future work  Title:


Further Research and Identity Management Considerations

The idea of applying TC techniques to identification and identity management has certainly been already tackled, but one can say that deep research in this direction is still in its early stages. Some perspectives where discussed in chapter 8 but need to be further investigated.  

An important aspect to consider is the issue of integrating TC technology in current IMS. The architecture of common IMS might impose some restrictions on the use of TC, mainly implementation issues. It is therefore important to investigate more on the feasibility of TC integration to support current IMS. 

Business use cases of TC-based anonymity and identification services, such as the ones proposed in 8.4.4, should also be modelled and their feasibility further investigated. 


Recommendations and Future work  fidis-wp3-del3.9_Study_on_the_Impact_of_Trusted_Computing_on_Identity_and_Identity_Management_v1.1.sxw  Conclusion
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