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D3.7 A Structured Collection on Information and Literature on Technological and Usability Aspects of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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ISO 10536
 ISO 14443


ISO 10536

ISO 10536 is an international norm for contactless identification smartcards with a communication range of up to 2 cm (close coupling). 

The standard series ISO 10536 consists of four parts. It is an international norm for contactless integrated circuit(s) cards with a communication range of up to 2 centimetres used for identification purposes. After initialisation (reset), ISO 10536 cards start communication with 9600 bit/s and can then be switched to higher data transfer rates.  

The four parts of ISO 10536 describe  

  • the physical characteristics (part 1),  

  • the dimensions and locations of coupling areas (part 2), 

  • the electronic signals and reset procedures (part 3), and 

  • the answer to reset and transmission protocols (part 4). 

Due to the small communication range and comparatively high production costs in reference to contact smartcards, ISO 10536 card systems have very small market presence. 






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