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D3.7 A Structured Collection on Information and Literature on Technological and Usability Aspects of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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Toll collection and contactless payment


Active RFID tags in the USA are widely used for payment. Well documented examples are the Intelligent Highway Vehicle Systems (IHVS, Garfinkel, Rosenberg 2006: 360) for toll tracking and the SpeedPass system for payment run by ExxonMobile. According to Forester Research in U.S. the number of issued RFID payment tags had already reached 22 Mio households in 2003.

In the SpeedPass system an encrypted identifier actively transmitted by the RFID tag is linked to a credit card. Via this credit card financial transactions take place. The encryption used in the SpeedPass system is the same as for some types of vehicle immobilisers and shows the same weaknesses.






Tracking of persons and animals  fidis-wp3-del3.7.Structured_Collection_RFID_02.sxw  Machine readable travel documents
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