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D3.6: Study on ID Documents

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Figure 1: Overview of important international standards for smart cards.    15

Figure 2: A transparent sample epassport showing the normally visible MRZ at the bottom and the normally hidden RFID loop antenna with the small RFID tag in the antenna top left which holds the biometric data    16

Figure 3: Electromagnetic spectrum showing the broad range of the radio wave frequency component    17

Figure 4: The two main components of the RFID system    17

Figure 5: International authentication and athorisation using GUIDE interfaces and services    23

Figure 6: Gateways transforming nationally used data formats and standards for authentication    23

Figure 7: Modified TFI model, influenced by the Open Systems Framework of Social Interaction    26

Figure 8: Number of Global Countries (EU 25 excluded) Supporting various eID Functionalities    29

Figure 9: Number of EU 25 Countries Supporting various eID Functionalities    30

Figure 10: eID Solutions in Countries Categorised by Legal Systems World-Wide    31

Figure 11: eID Solutions in Countries Categorised by Legal Systems in the EU    32

Figure 12: Calculation of the source PIN    83

Figure 13: Conversion between Souce PIN and ssPI    84

Figure 14: Use of the ssPI for secure data storage    84

Figure 15: Belgian eID card’s visual aspects    85

Figure 16: Belpic eID CA structure    88

Figure 17: Concept of the storage of data in the German e-health card    91

Figure 18: Possible attacks on the communication points of biometric systems    98

Figure 19: Architecture of today’s PCs; application data can have direct access to the BIOS or hardware peripherals (left); secure architecture principle in smart cards where the applications must pass through a security kernel to have no direct access to the hardware & peripherals.    113

Figure 20: Costs for the issuing of the eID card in UK    124

Figure 21: Cost projection of the eID card in UK (1/3)    125

Figure 22: Cost projection of the eID card in UK (2/3)    126

Figure 23: Cost projection of the eID card in UK (3/3)    127



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