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D3.6: Study on ID Documents

Principles for eIDs and Suggestions for Advanced eID Concepts  Title:
 Summary and Conclusions


Server Derived IDs

Within the project “Provide eGovernment Good Practice Portability” (PPP) the eforum has constituted. Within this eforum stakeholders of eIDs from the public and the private sector analyse good practice and try to transfer knowledge. A working group within the eforum currently is working on privacy enhancing concepts for authentication of citizen that is able to use existing PKI. Basing on the concept of reverse proxies and on user’s certificates from cards for electronic signatures sector specific personal identifiers similar to the Austrian ssPIs are generate by trusted third parties (identity management providers). It is planned to use technical elements of the Austrian solution for example the modification of identifiers by hashing data from certificates with sector data. In difference to the Austrian ssPIs this solution can be used with already established PKI and signature solutions by adding identity management providers. The use of specially coded citizen cards and additional client side software does not seem to be necessary. In addition the use of X.509 compliant certificates is planned to establish compatibility with security standards such as SSL/TLS V1.0.

Within this year the publication of a concept and a pilot implementation are planned. 



Principles for eIDs and Suggestions for Advanced eID Concepts  fidis-wp3-del3.6.study_on_id_documents_03.sxw  Summary and Conclusions
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