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D3.6: Study on ID Documents

Issuance Procedures of an eID  Title:
 Overview on ID Documents in Europe


Leading Concepts, Prototypes and Implementations


This chapter gives an overview of known concepts, prototypes and implementations of eID documents in Europe. They are listed in in chapter . In the following subchapter leading concepts, prototypes and implementations are introduced and discussed. They were selected because of:


  • The time that they have already been used and the subsequent practical experience that is available (Finnish and Belgian ID Card) 

  • The number of users covered and the introduction of new technologies such as biometrics and RFID (European Passport) 

  • Privacy enhancing technical (Austrian “Bürgerkarte”) or procedural solutions (German e-health card) 


The chapters with good practice examples do not follow a homogenous structure, due to the different nature of them and the different phase in which these projects are the content of these chapter shows a big variety.  



Issuance Procedures of an eID  fidis-wp3-del3.6.study_on_id_documents_03.sxw  Overview on ID Documents in Europe
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