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D3.3: Study on Mobile Identity Management

iManager – Identity Manager for Partial Identities of Mobile Users  Study on Mobile Identity Management



The AXS-Authentication Platform™ comprises technologies for the remote authentication of persons at Internet portals or at physical gates. The platform has an open and modular architecture that allows an implementation of the AXS-authentication in any web-based Extranet Access Management System (EAM) using standard Web technologies. The AXS authentication can also be implemented within any other Identity Management System (IMS) or existing authentication scheme. The platform includes tools and mechanisms (Müller, Jacomet and Cattin, 2002) that:

  1. enable secure, mobile, ergonomic and privacy protecting authentication at physical gates or logical portals,, 

  2. enable the use of federated identities over multiple networks and operators (requirement VI and VII of section 2.1), 

  3. enable digital signature-codes on transaction documents proofing authenticity and integrity of an e-business transaction for both sides (requirement VIII of section 2.1),  

  4. enable the storage of key seeds and the use of pseudonyms for a secure and privacy guaranteed access to databases with sensible data (requirement III and IV of section 2.1) and 

  5. allow immediate and user-friendly roll-out, deployment and management of the identity credentials as no local HW or SW installation is needed, an Internet connection and a browser is sufficient (requirement Id, X of section 2.1) 

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iManager – Identity Manager for Partial Identities of Mobile Users  fidis-wp3-del3.3.study_on_mobile_identity_management.final_04.sxw  works
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