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D3.3: Study on Mobile Identity Management

Linking a physical person with its digital identity  Study on Mobile Identity Management
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Privacy for Mobile Users

This chapter describes privacy threats for mobile users. Alan F. Westin defines privacy as  

“[Privacy is] the claim of individuals, groups and institutions to determine for themselves, when, how and to what extent information about them is communicated to others” (Westin, 1967).  

Based on this definition, privacy in this study is considered as the ability of a mobile user to control the disclosure of personal attributes towards his communication partners. Anonymity of a user is a requisite for privacy. The following attacker model for mobile users identifies the anonymity threats by an attacker who wants to trace and identify a mobile user. Privacy threats for mobile users in ad hoc networks are described by scenarios and by using services for personalising the user interface of a mobile device in WAP based systems.


Linking a physical person with its digital identity  fidis-wp3-del3.3.study_on_mobile_identity_management.final_04.sxw  Freiburg Privacy Diamond
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