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D3.2: A study on PKI and biometrics

Summary and Conclusions  Title:
 The BEE Recommendations (IST-20078 BEE) and BioVision


Enhancing PKIs using Biometrics

Biometrics can offer significant enhancements to the PKI model and has lead to important improvements in the traditional user authentication area. The co-operation of these technologies brings a lot of promises to the area of secure data exchange and general encryption. A simple example concerns the restriction of the use of a person’s private key used for encryption and decryption. The information needed for the certificate could be based on biometric information. A biometric can be linked to a local or network file encryption in a way that it can ensure the exclusive use of the file by the person who encrypted it.  



Summary and Conclusions  fidis-wp3-del3.2.study_on_PKI_and_biometrics_03.sxw  The BEE Recommendations (IST-20078 BEE) and BioVision
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