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D3.15: Report on the Maintenance of the ISM Database

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 Future Plans for the Maintenance and Use


Development of a Content Management System


For a permanent maintenance structure of the IMS database a content management system is planned. This should support editing of existing records by vendors or users and the creation of new records. As authentication of vendors and quality of content may be a problem, an editorial check of the content by ICPP is planned. The editing interface needs to support a corresponding workflow to facilitate checking, approving and deployment of new content. The specification of these functionalities is documented in the FIDIS Deliverable D3.11.  

The current version of the FIDIS Communication Infrastructure (FCI) based on Typo3 (currently Version 4.2.0) supports these functionalities. Unfortunately an update of the web server is required, due to the fact that the script language PHP 5 is needed. Unfortunately, the web-hosting provider of the FIDIS web server did not fulfil these requirements.  

For this (and other) reasons, a change of the web-hosting provider together with an update of the server platform was planned for April 2008. The update includes the needed PHP-Version. Once this update has been carried out successfully, the implementation of the content management interfaces and workflows will be carried out. 


As the needed infrastructure was not available in time, the task of setting up the new content management infrastructure for the database could not been carried out in time. For this reason this document is an interim report only. The complete implementation will be reported in an additional report by end of September 2008 (end of the planning period of the 4th work plan).



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