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D3.15: Report on the Maintenance of the ISM Database

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Executive Summary


This report describes the maintenance carried out for the database on Identity Management Systems (IMS) in the context of FIDIS deliverable D3.15. In the forth project period (April 2007 to March 2008), which is covered by this report, the maintenance work mainly contained:  


  1. Quality assurance carried out by ICPP leading to updates of 26 records 

  2. Adding of 6 additional records (the database contained 44 records by end of April 2008) 

  3. Further development directed towards a simplified editing front end in preparation of content management functions; in this context technical problems arose that will be solved by September 2008 in the context of the maintenance work carried out by FIDIS WP1.. 


The database is publicly available via


The task of setting up the new content management infrastructure for the database content could not been carried out in time, due to infrastructural problems. For this reason this document is an interim report. The complete implementation will be reported in an additional report by end of September 2008 (end of the planning period of the 4th work plan).


For more then three years now the content of the IMS database is developing. The changes made in the database seem to follow certain trends. Obvious trends can be observed in: 


  1. Concentration of products and vendors as well in the sector of type 1 IMS as type 3 IMS.  

  2. Increasing importance of social networks and related search engines 

  3. Increasing number of hybrid types of IMS; in this light a revision of the typology of IMS suggested in the FIDIS Deliverable D3.1 might be useful 


These trends will be further analysed in the context of FIDIS Deliverable D3.17, which is planned for the 5th Work Plan.



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