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Integration in the FCI, Redesign and Functional Enhancements  Title:
 Annex 1: Overview of the feed back by the vendors


Future Plans for the Maintenance


In the long run, a maintenance concept is needed that is more resource efficient. For this reason vendors of IMS should have the opportunity to maintain their own content in the database. In order to facilitate this, content management functionalities are a possible solution. A first step in this direction was made in this period with the simplified admin interface in the front-end of the FCI.  

In the next period it is planned to integrate this interface in an editing workflow: 


  1. Vendors can suggest modification in existing content or new records 

  2. A member of a team of an editors checks and approves the modified or newly added content 

  3. After approving, the content is published at 


As the current FCI does not support such a workflow for non members yet, additional programming is required, using existing libraries and functions of the FCI. As an intermediate solution an e-mail address of the editing team is offered (  


To stimulate feed back from vendor’s dissemination is needed. For this purpose presentations on various conferences attended by FIDIS members will be used, supported by the FIDIS website, websites of FIDIS partners and a press release. In addition, co-operation with other EU funded projects, such as PRIME, are planned.  


In addition it is planned to use the content of the database as a platform for a delta report, summarising the development in IMS during period 1 to 4 of FIDIS. This will be a separate deliverable in the context of the Work Package 3 on High-Tech ID (WP3) in the fifth Work Plan.  




Integration in the FCI, Redesign and Functional Enhancements  fidis-wp3-del3.11.report_ims_database_02.sxw  Annex 1: Overview of the feed back by the vendors
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