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 Quality Assurance Measures and additional Content


Executive Summary


This report describes the maintenance carried out for the database on Identity Management Systems (IMS) in the context of FIDIS deliverable D8.6 and D3.11. In the third project period (April 2006 to March 2007), which is covered by this report, the maintenance work mainly contained:  


  1. Quality assurance by integrating feed back from 26 contacted vendors and editorial work carried out by ICPP leading to substantial updates of 14 records 

  2. Adding of seven additional records (the database had 38 records by end of March 2007) 

  3. Integration of the IMS database in the FIDIS Communication Infrastructure (FCI) 

  4. Redesign of the layout and adaptation of the presentation system for the new FCI platform 

  5. Development of a simplified editing front end in preparation of content management functions 

  6. Public deployment of the database ( on 30th of March 2007


Based upon the original maintenance plan, it is planned to enhance the maintenance of the content of the database in future by using content management functions. These functions will enable vendors of IMS to maintain their own content in the database. To stimulate this vendor supported maintenance dissemination work for the database will be carried out using dissemination activities of FIDIS, FIDIS partners and other EU funded projects, such as PRIME. 


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