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Within the United Kingdom, there is more clarity and perhaps also more concern about identity-related crime than anywhere else in the European Union. The recent data losses along with the introduction of the Fraud Act of 2006 maintain a significant focus on the issue of identity fraud. Certain strong aspects within the United Kingdom, as compared to mainly the United States, do exist.  

The Home Office acknowledges how the recording of incidents by the private sector is an important and reliable source. Furthermore, the private sector’s prevalence data also circumvents problems encountered by police sources because many victims generally try to resolve their problem with the private institution without or before going to any law enforcement agency. As a result, data on the problem within the United Kingdom appears to be relatively reliable and well maintained. With regard to countermeasures, the recent Fraud Act certainly proved to be a step in the right direction according to some. While others fear its broad nature and the potential consequences associated with it. The interesting aspect of the Act is the manner in which it has increased the number of prosecutions of identity-related crime incidents. A rather thought-provoking question is whether the Fraud Act in the United Kingdom could actually serve as a deterrent, unlike the Identity Theft Assumption and Deterrence Act in the United States.  



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