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 Annex 1: Event Programme




This workshop had three core objectives: 


  1. To exchange interdisciplinary knowledge regarding emerging technologies related to AmI environments including RFID as an AmI enabling technology 

  2. To provide a base for discussion of WP3’s D3.8 

  3. To organise the content of D12.2 “Study on Emerging Technologies” and D12.3 “Holistic Privacy Framework for RFID Applications” by discussion of the tables of contents and co-ordination of the contributions of the partners 


These objectives were achieved to the degree that can be expected from a short workshop, with follow-up discussions planned to be held on the dedicated WP12 mailing list. The inter-disciplinary nature of the NoE always ensures that such events are broad in their scope, and this led to a great deal of discussion. As is nearly always the case, time for discussion was short and, ideally if time allowed, subsequent events will somehow cater for extended discussion sessions where possible. 


A first proposal for structuring both deliverables was presented by the respective deliverable editors and was discussed and amended during the workshop by all partners involved. In addition, time planning for contribution delivery was discussed, and the tentative time plans drawn up. These are both given in Annex 3.


A further result from the discussion sessions was the proposal of a further deliverable (a study on ICT implants), which extends the work being undertaken here, for WP12 in the next (4th) FIDIS workplan. Such developments are very important for the continued excellent work of the NoE, and are a true reflection of the value of providing a face-to-face forum where issues can be openly discussed and debated in an inter-disciplinary context.


Overall, feedback on the event from the participants was excellent and progress on the subsequent deliverables is now moving forward. 







Presentations  fidis-wp12-del12.1.workshop.sxw  Annex 1: Event Programme
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