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D12.1 Kick-off Workshop

The deliverables as described above depend on a focused workshop to determine the levels and areas of expertise of FIDIS partners and to co-ordinate the subsequent contributions. This workshop took place on the 26-27 October 2006 at the University of Reading, UK and covered a range of available and emerging technologies for Ambient Intelligence, including RFID as an AmI enabling technology, and the effects of these technologies on society and law.


In brief, the main topics of this workshop were: 


  1. A holistic view on RFID including security and privacy

  2. Development of supporting technologies for AmI such as networking technologies, nanotechnologies, grid infrastructure related technologies and energy supplies

  3. Current and emerging core-technologies for AmI such as sensor technologies and ICT implants

  4. Legal and social aspects of AmI emerging technologies 


The full event programme can be found in Annex 1, and the list of participants in Annex 2. 


The scope of this workshop means that it was open to any FIDIS participant currently developing new technology, or who is in a position to be speculative regarding their own field of expertise. 


A list and brief synopsis of presentations held follows in the next section. However, full copies of the presentation slides can be found on the internal portal at: 


In order to be as efficient as possible, the event was timed such that it could also host discussion of D3.8 from WP3. This part of the event was held during the latter half of the second day. Formal discussion of this part is out of the scope of this deliverable document. 


Deliverables of WP12  fidis-wp12-del12.1.workshop.sxw  Presentations
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