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 D12.1 Kick-off Workshop


Deliverables of WP12

Planned for the third FIDIS work plan are two concrete deliverables within WP12: 

D12.2: Study on Emerging AmI Technologies

This deliverable analyses supporting technologies for identity and identification which will play a central role for future implementations of profiling in AmI as discussed in WP7. It will attempt to address (a) how new AmI technologies will work; (b) what action, if any, needs to be taken at the European level (i.e. promoting them and/or (re)designing them for reasons of privacy and security); (c) propositions and descriptions of novel applications and services, possibly including an assessment of the viability of the market for these technologies (i.e. will they be state run, can industry make money from them or will the public adopt them – like with ‘wiki’ or ‘blogs’) and (d) legal implications. 

D12.3: Holistic Privacy Framework for RFID Applications

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is a strong contender as a ubiquitous identifier for use within AmIs. As such, based on the results of D12.1, this deliverable comprises a holistic Framework for a privacy-enhanced and secure use of RFID applications. It first discusses privacy problems from a legal and social viewpoint and sets up requirements of selected RFID applications with the help of scenarios. Besides it elaborates ethical rules and legal rules based on the European Legislative Framework (Directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC) and discusses possible technical solutions for privacy-enhanced and secure RFID applications including privacy-enhanced Identity Management solutions. It also addresses social acceptability and usability aspects of those technical privacy-enhancing solutions.

These deliverables are related to the Joint Activities “High-Tech ID”, “Mobility and Identity” and “Profiling”, and it is expected that results will be fed into new deliverables of WP3, WP7 and WP11.


Introduction  fidis-wp12-del12.1.workshop.sxw  D12.1 Kick-off Workshop
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