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 Deliverables of WP12



The domain of ‘identity’ is fast evolving, something that is in part driven by the evolution of technology. As such, the emphasis of this workpackage (WP) is on ‘emerging technologies’, i.e. those technologies or applications of technology which have not yet reached commercial critical-mass, but may in the future prove to have a significant impact in the identity field. This WP builds upon the solid foundation of WP3, ‘High-tech ID’, but, in order to firmly embrace the ‘F’ of FIDIS, looks with a degree of reasonable speculation beyond those areas previously explored by FIDIS deliverables.  

The scope is not purely technological, indeed social and legal aspects are considered key to this WP and transversal topics such as analysis of good practice and standards will be included. 

Specifically, this WP will include: (a) how new technologies will work; (b) what action, if any, needs to be taken at the European level (i.e. promoting them and/or (re)designing them for reasons of privacy and security); (c) propositions and descriptions of novel applications and services, possibly including an assessment of the viability of the market for these technologies (i.e. will they be state run, can industry make money from them or will the public adopt them – like with ‘wiki’ or ‘blogs’) and (d) legal implications. 

The focus within this period is on emerging AmI (Ambient Intelligence) technologies and related issues. 


Executive Summary  fidis-wp12-del12.1.workshop.sxw  Deliverables of WP12
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