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D5.2b: ID-related Crime: Towards a Common Ground for Interdisciplinary Research

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Index of Figures

Figure 1. ID fraud sequence, taken from Mitchison (2004, p. 21 )    13

Figure 2. Phishing example impersonating CitiBank.    18

Figure 3. Sniffing example.    20

Figure 4. Introduced terms and their relationship    49

Figure 5. Requirement engineering process    64

Figure 6. Authentication of a Human by an IT System.    70

Figure 7. Authentication of an IT System by a Human.    72

Figure 8. Authentication procedures between persons and IT Systems.    73

Figure 9. Testing area of the scenario: The field of view and the human’s walking direction are depicted.    76

Figure 10. Hardware equipment of the scenario.    76

Figure 11. Image of iris spoofed by low resolution print and also possibilities with fun lenses for enrolment and access control    79

Figure 12. Silicon casts of fingerprints with silicon cast negative and acrylate paint as positive.    80

Figure 13. Fingerprint access with copy of fingerprint on scanner “Digital Persona”.    80

Figure 14. Keys managed by the TPM.    95

Figure 15. Use of pseudonyms certified by a Trusted Third Party and encrypted using the TPM    96

Figure 16. Sample taxonomy    99



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