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D5.2b: ID-related Crime: Towards a Common Ground for Interdisciplinary Research

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 Towards talking about the same thing


Conclusions and further work

In this document we have discussed ID-related crimes from different perspectives. (For a summary of these perspectives, see the Executive Summary.) Much work remains to be done in order to gain a better understanding of the rapidly evolving phenomenon of ID-related crimes. The chapters brought together in this document have been written by different researchers, from different backgrounds and disciplines. When read in combination, the chapters suggest at least two things: first, that there is no consensus on the exact phenomenon we are talking about and just what constitutes ID-related crimes, and second, that legal, social-economic, and technical aspects interact, showing the need for a combined approach towards combating ID-related crime. As the conclusion of this document, therefore, we suggest that at least the two steps need to be undertaken: searching for a common ground in terminology, conceptual framework, and definitions, and setting an agenda for joint research.  


Conclusion  fidis-wp5-del5.2b.ID-related_crime_03.sxw  Towards talking about the same thing
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