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D5.2b: ID-related Crime: Towards a Common Ground for Interdisciplinary Research

Identity management  Title:
 Conclusions and further work



This chapter has discussed some of the social and technical measures that can be taken to limit the risks of identity fraud. It shows that social measures have a limited usefulness if technical measures are not taken. Users and service providers need to become aware of the risks of life online and also the burden of taking measures has to placed on the actors that can actually make a difference and perverse incentives and other externalities have to be addressed. Yet, this only makes sense if proper technical measures are also taken otherwise the backdoors will not be addressed.  

The technical measures increasingly gain attention of academics and industry. The brief exposition in this chapter shows some promises, but also many problems that remain to be solved. For the short term we may therefore, unfortunately, expect many cases of ID-related crime. 


Identity management  fidis-wp5-del5.2b.ID-related_crime_03.sxw  Conclusions and further work
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