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D5.1: A survey on legislation on ID theft in the EU and…

Introduction  Title:
 ID Theft and ID fraud


FIDIS Background


FIDIS objectives are shaping the requirements for the future management of identity in the European Information Society and contributing to the technologies and infrastructures needed. FIDIS work is structured into 7 research activities: 

  • “Identity of Identity” 

  • Profiling 

  • Interoperability of IDs and ID management systems 

  • Forensic Implications 

  • De-Identification 

  • HighTechID 

  • Mobility and Identity 

As a multidisciplinary and multinational NoE FIDIS, appropriately, comprises different country research experiences with heterogeneous focuses, and integrates European expertise around a common set of activities. Additionally, all relevant stakeholders are addressed to ensure that the requirements are considered from different levels. FIDIS overcomes the extreme fragmentation of research into the future of identity by consolidating and fostering joint research in this area. Research results will be made accessible to European citizens, researchers and in particular to SMEs. 



Introduction  fidis-wp5-del5.1.law_survey_03.sxw  ID Theft and ID fraud
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