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 Annex 2


Annex 1

Draft AGENDA Forensic Profiling meeting at Netherlands Forensic Institute on 1st October 2007


09.30 arrival with tea/coffee 

10.00 Opening (Zeno Geradts / what is forensic profiling) 

10.15 Digital Investigation (Peter Sommer, London School of Economics) 

11.00 Forensic profiling, crime control and due process (Katja de Vries, VUB)


12.00 lunch 


13.00 Profiling from forensic perspective (Olivier Ribaux, University of Lausanne) 

13.45 Inventory of social network analysis (Gert Jacobusse, NFI) 

analysis of a database of traffic offenders and setting up a center of expertise on intelligent data analysis  (Gert Jacobusse , Andre Hoogstrate, NFI)

14.45 Data Protection Issues (Fanny Coudert KU Leuven) 

15.30 Image Forensics (Mathias Kirchner, Thomas Glue TU Dresden) 


16.00 tour through digital evidence department 

16.30 discussion and suggestion for deliverable (chapters) 

17.00 closing 


18.00 dinner at De Haagsche Kluisch  Plein 20 the Hague (social event)

20.00 end of meeting 



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