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Executive Summary  Title:
 Annex 1




For the deliverable on forensic profiling a workshop was organized in The Hague at the Netherlands Forensic Institute with several FIDIS participants:  

  1. Peter Sommer (LSE)  

  2. Jozef Vyskoc (VAF) 

  3. Denis Royer (GUF), 

  4. Mathias Kirchner, Thomas Gloe (TUD) 

  5. Fanny Coendert (KU Leuven), 

  6. Olivier Ribaux (University of Lausanne) 

  7. Andre Hoogstrate (NFI)  

  8. Gert Jacobusse (NFI) 

  9. Zeno Geradts (NFI)  

  10. Gerda Edelman (NFI)  

  11. Katja de Vries (VUB), 

  12. Mireille Hildebrandt (VUB) 

  13. Simone van der Hof (UVT) 


According to the agenda as as enclosed in annex 1. The presentations are included in Annex 2.  It appeared that there is no real definition of forensic profiling. After a discussion, we came to the next proposal for the deliverable :




Editors : Geradts / Sommer 


1. Definitions of Forensic Profiling / Risk Profiling - University of  



2. Methods of Forensic Profiling 

 - data aggregation

 - data mining

 - software tools

 - 3D visualisation (NFI?)

 - Image Processing (University Dresden)


3. Examples, Cases Studies 



4. Legal Implications (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) 

- Due Process

 - Due Processing


5. Applications of Data Protection / human rights legislation Leuven 


- Possible legal remedies 

- Possible technical remedies 

- Ambient Law 


(Link to other FIDIS deliverables where possible). 


The contributions could be one or several pages, depending on the  



The deliverable should be finished in draft in January 2008. After internal review, it should be available for the review of the European Commission at April 2008. 


Executive Summary  fidis-wp6-del6.7b.workshop_on_forensic_profiling.sxw  Annex 1
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