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Approaches for privacy enhancement  Identification versus anonymity in e-government
 Pseudonymous signatures in e-government


Limitations of the described approaches

For the use of digital credentials, various technical concepts such as “Idemix” and “Credentica” were described and analysed in recent FIDIS deliverables, see Bauer, Meints and Hansen (2005) and Gasson, Meints and Warwick (2005). So far, digital credentials have not been used together with PKI and electronic signatures; the use of sector-specific PINs in Austria is limited to authentication and is not being used for electronic signatures. To implement this approach, two things currently not present would be needed:

  1. a legal basis in the corresponding countries, and  

  2. technical prototypes and implementations. 

Technical approaches have been discussed in the eforum in the context of the PPP project; scientific publications are in preparation but not available yet.


Approaches for privacy enhancement  fidis-wp5.del5.4-anonymity-egov_01.sxw  Pseudonymous signatures in e-government
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