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D1.3: Manual of the Extended Wiki System (dr_wiki)

Case 2: Create a Redirect  Title:
 Conclusion and Outlook


Case 3: Compare Different Page Versions

Summary: The “diff-tool” is a utility that shows the differences between two page versions, allowing a user to compare any previous version to the current one.



The first step to compare different page versions is to click on the version icon in the toolbars at the top or at the bottom of the Wiki. 



Now you are shown all the different versions of the Wiki page and any additional information (e.g. date, summary, etc.). By clicking on the ‘compare to newest’ link, the differences between the two versions will be shown. 



The comparison of the page versions will be done word by word. If you compare an old version to the latest one, the red coloured segments refer to items found in the older version, but not in the latest, while the green segments represent differences found in the latest page version that were not in the older one. Black means that no differences were found.



Case 2: Create a Redirect  fidis-wp1-del1.3.manual_extended_wiki_04.sxw  Conclusion and Outlook
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