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 Management of the IDLS, correspondents, and funding


Non-exhaustiveness and disclaimer


It will be stressed on the website that the ID Law Survey is not exhaustive. It is not possible – in the sense that it would require a collection of legally-trained people who together have knowledge of all the languages and legal systems of the EU members, as well as a continuous huge amount of time – within the framework of FIDIS to collect an exhaustive and up-to-date overview of all ID-related legislation in all EU member states. Such an exhaustive overview is not the goal of the ID Law Survey. The goal is rather to create a central information portal for the general public where information about ID-related legislation can be looked for. Tilburg University’s experience of existing Law Surveys shows that there is great demand for such central information portals that provide legislation ‘translated’ into concise, understandable texts, even when these surveys are far from exhaustive and not necessarily always up-to-date.

For this reason, a disclaimer will be put on the first page of the IDLS website, and each item will link to this disclaimer. The text of the disclaimer is:  

This survey of ID-related does not pretend to be exhaustive, nor can it be guaranteed to be up-to-date, since legislation continually evolves. The information provided should not be relied upon for legal advice. 

If you find any information to be incorrect or outdated, please inform us at





Maintenance Plan  fidis-wp8-del8.3.DB_IMS_Law.20060224.sxw  Management of the IDLS, correspondents, and funding
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