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Proposed new database structure  Title:
 Full ID Law database structure


Changes and extensions


Apart from the re-categorisation of the laws related to ID theft or ID fraud (see previous section), it will be useful to make some further changes to the database.  

First, it is wise to add a general section, where information about the legal system (e.g., a common-law or a civil-law country) and where links to official legislation websites can be found, as well as a category of references for links and literature.  

Second, the information on official ID documents should be extended with information about official ID numbers, since these are also the object of ID fraud. Moreover, given the focus of FIDIS on identification in the information society, a separate section about electronic ID instruments – at least as far as these are incorporated in legislation – will be interesting to include.  

Third, the obligation to show an ID should be extended, since there is a wide variety of instances in which people (citizens, businesses, or consumers) have to identify themselves. Therefore, a new section on Identification Duties will be included, divided into sub-categories of criminal law, other public law, private law, and prohibitions of anonymity. 

These changes and extensions lead to the following new structure. The current database prototype will be amended with this new structure. As soon as the new structure has been incorporated, the Identity Law Survey will be integrated in the FIDIS information infrastructure. 



Proposed new database structure  fidis-wp8-del8.3.DB_IMS_Law.20060224.sxw  Full ID Law database structure
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