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FIDIS Summit Book: The Future of Identity in the Information Society - Challenges and Opportunities

We are happy to announce that the FIDIS Summit is now  available from SpringerOn the book: Digitising personal information is changing our ways of identifying persons and managing relations. What used to be a ‘natural’ identity, is now as virtual as a user account at a web portal, an email address, or a mobile phone number. It is subject to diverse forms of identity management in business, administration, and among citizens. Core question and source of conflict is who owns how much identity information of whom and who needs to place trust into which identity information to allow access to resources. This book presents multidisciplinary answers from research, government, and industry. [read more…]

Booklet: Identity R/Evolution

The identity [r]evolution is happening. Who are you, who am I in the information society? In recent years, the convergence of several factors – technological, political, economic – has accelerated a fundamental change in our networked world. On a technological level, information becomes easier to gather, to store, to exchange and to process. [Read More…]

Profiling the European Citizen

In the eyes of many, one of the most challenging problems of the information society is that we are faced with an ever expanding mass of information. Selection of the relevant bits of information seems to become more important than the retrieval of data as such: the information is all out there, but what it means and how we should act on it may be one of the big questions of the 21st century. If an information society is a society with an exponential proliferation of data, a knowledge society must be the one that has learned how to cope with this. Profiling technologies seem to be one of the most promising technological means to create order in the chaos of proliferating data. [Read more…]

Spotlight: Identity in a Networked World

Booklet: Identity in a Networked World

The digitisation of identity may be regarded as a bottleneck in the engagement of citizens with Information Society services. Identity in such environment plays a central role and more and more tools are required to manage identity and deliver suitable services. Management of identity will constitute one of the first challenges for the future Europe in terms of mobility, accessibility and interoperability in order to facilitate online navigation and social (digital) interactions between European citizens in the Information Society. [read more]