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Other FIDIS related Press Releases and Events

Press releases, Links, and Resources:

  • Identity is everywhere: Summit Event of the FIDIS Network of Excellence [URL] [PDF]
  • Trcking Study: FIDIS urges mobile users to be aware of data disclosure [URL] [PDF] [BBC]
  • Book: Profiling the European Citizen [PDF
  • "A matter of trust: privacy and security issues in the Information Age" on IST Results (en) [URL][PDF]
  • "New measurements of identity" (de) [URL] [PDF]
  • IST Project FIDIS contributes to the development of a new ISO/IEC standard on Identity Management (en) [URL] [PDF]
  • Gestion de l’identité numérique : une norme ISO réulttat d’un projet de recherche (fr) [URL]
  • Wikipedia: FIDIS [de]

The Budapest Declaration in various languages: