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FIDIS Workshop @ World e-ID 2007

"World e-ID" is part of the well established "Smart Event" that stands out as the MUST attended forum on smart card, e-ID and Ambient Intelligence. Top experts from across the globe share their knowledge and expertise with you. Also the FIDIS NoE contributes to the World e-ID 2007 in presenting the workshop “Identity in the e-Society: which future?”.

FIDIS (Future of IDentity in the Information Society) is a Network of Excellence composed of 24 partners across EU25+ countries. The objective of this workshop is to provide some findings of FIDIS research on the core topic "identity". The future of identity is a key element for the emerging Information Society; it represents the main vehicle of the cyber-citizen in this new digital environment. This workshop will present some results related to identity management in the areas of electronic documents, eGovernment and authentication, and will mainly address privacy, security and trust issues in order to discuss the possibilities of different technologies.

FIDIS Workshop "Identity in the e-Society: which future?" 18 September 2007 - 9.00am – 12.30am

  • Security and Data Protection aspects of Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) by: Martin Meints, ICPP, Germany

Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) and related border control systems currently are part of the largest implementation of an identification infrastructure using RFID and biometrics. In this talk selected security and data protection aspects of the current passport as the European implementation of MRTDs will be presented and analysed.

  • Legal aspects of identity management in eGovernment by Xavier Huysmans, KU Leuven - ICRI, Belgium

Xavier will give an introductory talk on the conceptual framework for privacy friendly Identity Management in eGovernment (FIDIS D16.1). In this presentation, besides explaining basic terminology, Xavier focuses on legal issues such as data protection, privacy, Signatures and eIDs in eGovernment. In his presentation at Smart University (17th September 2007), Xavier presents a more complete insight on the FIDIS research on eGovernment.

  • Coffee break
  • Identity verification and transaction authentication byLorenz Müller, University of Applied Science Berne, Dept. HTI, Switzerland

Identity theft and internet crimes in general are an important obstacle in the further development of the e-society. Today’s crime prevention solutions often reduce availability of the service or the mobility and privacy of the authorised users. In this lecture new concepts for identity verification and transaction authentication are presented that overcome the drawbacks of actual security solutions. A secure authentication system that implements these concepts will be presented.

 Speakers and Authors

  • XAVIER HUYSMANS (Legal Researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT - ICRI)

Xavier Huysmans (1978) obtained his law degree at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2001. He spent the academic year 2000-2001 as an Erasmus exchange student at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (Germany). From September 2001 till December 2004, Xavier worked as lawyer at the Brussels bar (Daem & Cools, Janson Baugniet and Altius). Xavier joined K.U.Leuven ICRI in January 2005, where he works as legal researcher in the field of Privacy and Data Protection. Xavier has mainly worked on the topics of identity, identity management and e-government in several European and Belgian Flemish research projects. His main topic of interest lays on privacy-friendly identity management in eGovernment and beyond. Since April 2007, besides his work in IBBT IDEM, Xavier heads the work package on eGovernment of the FIDIS project.

  • Dr. MARTIN MEINTS (Researcher, Independent Centre for Privacy Protection)

Dr. Martin Meints studied chemistry and computer science at the University Kiel. He worked in various enterprises and public organisations as IT project manager and in technical management functions. Main focus of his latest work was preparation and implementation of security concepts for large private networks (LAN and WAN) and integrated mobile computing solutions basing on the methodology of the Baseline Protection Manual from BSI, the German Federal Office for Information Security. Since 2004 researcher for the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ICPP); he is mainly involved in the project “FIDIS – Future of Identity in the Information Society”.

  • Prof. Dr. LORENZ MÜLLER (Researcher, department of technology and informatics - University of Applied Science Berne)

Prof. Dr. Lorenz Muller is the head of the R&D and technology transfer section in the department for technology and informatics of the University of Applied Science Berne.  With a background in mathematics, high energy physics and neuroscience he specialized in cryptology, biometry, authentication technologies and general computer security. After the PhD work at the European high energy physics centre CERN in Geneva, he pursued his research at the Stanford University and later at the Berne University as assistant professor. He then changed into private industry to lead the internal technology education within the ascom group. In this function he was coordinator of an EU-project in the COMETT programme. Later he became professor and head of the R&D activities at the department of technology and informatics of the University of Applied Science Berne. He has published numerous articles in different fields, is inventor of several patented devices in computer security and biometry and won together with Marcel Jacomet the prestigious ETH/McKinsey Venture business price. He is co-founder and member of the administrative board of the e-security company AXSionics Inc. He also initiated the Foundation for Technological Innovation (STI) which promotes and fundsHigh Tech start-up companies.

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