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Smart University

"Smart University" is an educational programme about Smart Card and e-ID. It has a strong academic background, completed by recent real cases and live testimonials while keeping eyes wide open on evolutionary trends and future prospects. It addresses young engineers - researchers as well as executives willing to widen and deepen the scope of their knowledge on new technological and strategic issues of Smart Cards and e-ID.

"Smart University" consists of 7 tracks, of 1 to 2 days, most of them being limited to 30 registered participants. For Registration see the web:

The track 5 has been designed by one FIDIS member and will allow to disseminate FIDIS work. In addition, some of the planned presentations will be done by FIDIS members.

Track 5: ID Management Issues and Prospects (1 day) Module designed and coordinated by Dr Sabine Delaitre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of Seville - European Commission

Identity is a key concept for individuals’ life; indeed, identity allows each citizen to perform different roles (e.g. employee, voter, customer) in society. The flow of identity information proliferates through many different systems; the increasing digitisation of authentication /identification processes in our private and professional spheres (access to PCs, on-line banking, e-administration services, and so on) creates new vulnerabilities.

Identity Management Systems (IMS) are considered to be the citizen’s gateway to the Information Society. Because of the large number of services, IMS could even be presented as a critical tool for the citizen. Its utility as an almost unique access tool to many enhanced facilities of the Information Society will make it the "electronic" witness of a great part of the citizen’s online life. However, the acceptance of such systems will be based not only on their usability or ease of use but also on their effectiveness in respecting and reserving the privacy of their users.

Identity protection is an important concern. The disclosure, misuse or abuse of identity may cause considerable inconvenience such as financial loss, damage to reputation, etc. and is often committed to facilitate other crimes (e.g., identification fraud, credit card fraud, computer fraud, mail theft, mail fraud, financial fraud and immigration document fraud). Identity theft is becoming a very serious problem which compromises the safety of people and the integrity of the identity of each individual.

The track will deal with the following topics: Identity Management Systems, e-Identity, identity theft and solutions helping to deterring this crime.


  • Identity Management Systems - Martin Heints, ICPP
  • Authentication solution in the digital world Lorenz Mueller, Axsionics
  • eIDentification - Paul Smith, Hyperion (UK)
  • Overview on e-Identity through TFI approach Andrew Wallwork, London School of Economics
  • Identity theft as a media and political issue Michael Levi, Cardiff University
  • Identity fraud with biometrics properties Speaker to be confirmed


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