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IST Project FIDIS contributes to the development of a new ISO/IEC standard on Identity Management

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) decided to start work on a standard for Identity Management based on deliverables of the IST Network of Excellence FIDIS (Future of Identity in the Information Society). The standard with the future number IS 24760 will provide organisations of all kinds with a framework for the definition of identity and the secure management of identity information. FIDIS results provided essential input to the scope of the standard, and FIDIS will continue to provide input to its development.

The decision was made by Subcommittee 27 (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27), responsible for IT Security Techniques, and part of the Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on 10 August 2005. "I strongly support the ISO initiative to work on a standard for Identity Management and I am very happy to see FIDIS play such an important role in it. I am looking forward to the results of the ISO IS24760 project" says Jacques Bus, Head of DG INFSO’s "ICT for Trust and security" unit.

Identity Management (IdM) in the approach of IS 24760 is the secure management of identities, the identification process, and the information associated with the identification of an entity within some context. The entity might be anything that can be uniquely recognised, a person, an animal, a device, an object, a group, an organisation, a piece of information, etc. Entities may have multiple identities that may be used in different contexts.

The Network of Excellence FIDIS is coordinating European research towards secure digital identity solutions which preserve the privacy of individuals and thus also. support trust. The project brings together expertise from a wide range of European organisations. It aims at developing a deeper understanding of how appropriate identification and Identity management can help creating a fairer European Information Society. Through joint research activities the Network is addressing a broad range of Identity Management related issues in interdisciplinary perspectives, integrating technological, legal, social and fundamental philosophical research. More information about FIDIS under:

About ISO/IEC JTC 1/ SC 27:

ISO/IEC JTC 1/ SC 27 "Security techniques" standardizes generic methods and techniques for IT Security. This includes:

  • identification of generic requirements (including requirements methodology) for IT system security services,
  • development of security techniques and mechanisms (including registration procedures and relationships of security components),
  • development of security guidelines (e.g., interpretative documents, risk analysis), and
  • development of management support documentation and standards (e.g., terminology and security evaluation criteria).

About ISO/IEC JTC 1:

"The scope of JTC 1 is standardization in the field of Information Technology." JTC 1 was created by ISO and IEC to provide a single, comprehensive standardization committee in which to address international Information Technology standardization. JTC 1 has become globally recognized as the focal point of formal standardization in ICT, and the organization of choice for the creation of standards in its areas of expertise, for initiation of new areas of standardization requiring JTC 1’s unique strengths and attributes, and for progression of specifications developed in other ICT-related consortia/fora into true international standards. JTC 1 standards

  • are globally recognized,
  • provide global interoperability,
  • provide sustained development and retention of investment.

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