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About the FIDIS database on Identity Management Systems (IMSDB)

The IMS Database gives a non comprehensive overview and a brief description of identity management systems and tools. The database covers the following types:

  • Type 1: organisation centric identity management
  • Type 2: Profiling (Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Databases)
  • Type 3: User centric identity management
  • Class 1: product is functionally focused on identity management
  • Class 2: product has identity management functionality as important feature
  • Class 3: the product is no identity management system; however, identity management functionality is implemented

Focus of this overview clearly are user centric identity management systems and tools. The database is open for additional entries. If an important identity management system is missing or some information is outdated, please contact us. We will get back to you and ask for the necessary information to enter you information into the database.

The IMSDB Admins