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Database on Identity Management Systems


“JAP (Version: 00.09.019 )”:

Manufacturer of the IMS

  • Technical University Dresden
  • URL: (Visit Homepage)
  • Nature of provider / distributor: public
  • Nationality of the manufacturer: N/A

Type of the IMS / Class of the IMS

  • Type of the IMS: N/A
  • Class of the IMS: Class 1

Supported languages

  • France: French
  • Germany: German
  • England: English

References for the IMS

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?

State of IMS deployment

Distribution of the IMS

Geographic scope

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?: Open

State of IMS deployment: N/A

Distribution of the IMS: N/A

Geographic scope: Global

Hard and software requirements of the IMS

Client: Java Engine (Requirements for Mix-servers see below)

Installed base of the IMS (Userbase)

At time of review nearly 2000 actual users

Interoperability and supported standards

JAP is interoperable with any application allowing usage of local proxies to route web-traffic through.

Server-side component(s)

JAP uses a structure of anonymity-servers called “Mixes” arranged in fixed cascades Traffic is routed from JAP-application on user’s PC to a definded Mix-server, then forwarded through the cascade. No data is stored on server beyond time of processing.

Client-side component(s)

JAP-application on the PC receives web-traffic, encrypts it repeatedly for any Mix-server on the way and sends it to the cascade’s entry-point. No data is stored on server beyond time of processing.

Description of functionality / features (client and server)

Data minimisation through anonymity

Main functionality


Purchase costs in EUR


Flow charts of the IMS

Screenshots of the IMS

Other file resources


Evaluator of the IMS

Denis Royer (JWG)

General Comments (free text)

JAP includes a connection to TOR-networks.

As of 22 June 2007, there is a commercial spin-off called JonDonym ( AnOn still works as a non commercial service. The main difference between the two services is the server-speed and availabilty of different mix-chains with JonDoNym.

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