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Database on Identity Management Systems


“CIDAS (Version: 0.8)”:

Manufacturer of the IMS

  • University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
  • URL: (Visit Homepage)
  • Nature of provider / distributor: public
  • Nationality of the manufacturer: N/A

Type of the IMS / Class of the IMS

  • Type of the IMS: Type 3
  • Class of the IMS: Class 1

Supported languages

  • England: English

References for the IMS

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?

State of IMS deployment

Distribution of the IMS

Geographic scope

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?: Open

State of IMS deployment: Prototype

Distribution of the IMS: N/A

Geographic scope: Global

Hard and software requirements of the IMS

Server: Posix-compliant operating system (tested on Linux and Sun Solaris); LDAPv3 directory service must be available on the same or another maschine, openldap recommended. Native Client: Posix-compliant operating system (tested on Linux and Sun Solaris); Web Client: only Web-Browser is required. If utilisation of stronger authentication modes is needed, a JVM and a locally installed ┬┐Native Client┬┐ are necessary.

Installed base of the IMS (Userbase)

Only prototypes

Interoperability and supported standards

CIDAS uses a specific communication protocol and own data formats.

Server-side component(s)

The CIDAS server will require strong authentication from a user to be able to view or change his own data.

Client-side component(s)

Client-side mainly provides a user interface and CIDAS connectivity for applications.

Description of functionality / features (client and server)

- support of convenient methods for user identification

- support of several high-level authentication methods including cryptographic methods, smartcards and biometrics

- free combinations of authentication methods are possible in order to enhance overall security

- security levels, permissions and privacy levels are highly configurable

- provides single sign-on functionality for a wide area of applications, not restricted to web based services

- allows pseudonymous and anonymous use of applications; privacy enhancement technology

- provides self-service functionality and ultimate control over personal data to the user base

- extensive data protection by applying encryption and strict separation of personal data and application data

- supports centralised administration and account management

- integrates a public key infrastructure

Main functionality

CIDAS is a configurable identification and authentication system, thus allows customisable access control and access structuring for ICT systems.

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Flow charts of the IMS

Screenshots of the IMS

Other file resources


Evaluator of the IMS

Prof. Friedrich-L. Holl (University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg)

General Comments (free text)

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