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“MozPETs: Mozilla Privacy Enhancement Technologies (Version: n.a.)”:

Manufacturer of the IMS

  • Project at the Darmstadt University of Technology
  • URL: (Visit Homepage)
  • Nature of provider / distributor: Project is OpenSource
  • Nationality of the manufacturer: Germany

Type of the IMS / Class of the IMS

  • Type of the IMS: N/A
  • Class of the IMS: Class 3

Supported languages

  • England: English

References for the IMS

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?

State of IMS deployment

Distribution of the IMS

Geographic scope

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?: Open

State of IMS deployment: Concept

Distribution of the IMS: Public Domain

Geographic scope: Global

Hard and software requirements of the IMS

Mozilla-based browser, e.g. Firefox or Seamonkey

Installed base of the IMS (Userbase)


Interoperability and supported standards


Server-side component(s)


Client-side component(s)

MozPets is a set of Firefox-extensions. By now, these extensions must be installed seperately, thus every module is optional.

Description of functionality / features (client and server)

MozPets are planned to incorporate the following modules:

  • Secure Preferences:
    Mozilla contains several hundert preferences. This module modifies some settings to have a more privacy-friendly default value. For example, MozPETs does not accept third-party cookies at all and treats all other cookies as session cookies.

  • MozJAP:
    MozJAP is a wrapper to integrate a proxy for anonymous web access with Mozilla. It supports JAP and Tor.

  • MozPAw:
    MozPAw checks the current page for potential harmful content like web bugs. The result is displayed as an emoticon to alarm the user if a web site make intensive use of tracking technologies.

  • MozBlock:
    Allows the user to block third party content (e.g. webbugs) embedded within web pages to reduce cross-side clickstream tracking by advertisers. 

  • Tracknosis:
    Tracknosis is a tool that reveals cross-side tracking activities used by advertisers.

  • iJournal2:
    The iJournal allows the user to keep track of personal information he has given to web sites. If the user enters sensitive information (e.g. his name), the iJournal intercepts the transmission and tries to profile the web site by analyzing its P3P policy, SSL certificate and WHOIS entry. The data is stored for later analysis.

  • EnigMail:
    Add PGP Support to Mozilla Mail. EnigMail is developed by the EnigMail project.

  • Pemar:
    Send e-mail anonymously through the remailer Mixmaster.

Main functionality

Privacy enhancing technologies for Internet-users

Purchase costs in EUR

0 (OpenSource)

Flow charts of the IMS

Screenshots of the IMS

Other file resources


Evaluator of the IMS

Christian Krause (ICPP)

General Comments (free text)

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