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Database on Identity Management Systems


“MyPass Password Generator (Version: n.a)”:

Manufacturer of the IMS

  • Tony Lieuallen
  • URL: (Visit Homepage)
  • Nature of provider / distributor: private
  • Nationality of the manufacturer: N/A

Type of the IMS / Class of the IMS

  • Type of the IMS: N/A
  • Class of the IMS: Class 1

Supported languages

  • England: English

References for the IMS

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?

State of IMS deployment

Distribution of the IMS

Geographic scope

Is the IMS an open/closed IMS?: Open

State of IMS deployment: Prototype

Distribution of the IMS: Public Domain

Geographic scope: Global

Hard and software requirements of the IMS

Browser with JavaScript enabled

Installed base of the IMS (Userbase)


Interoperability and supported standards


Server-side component(s)


Client-side component(s)

Program is a JavaScript bookmarklet that resides in browser’s favourites-menu

Description of functionality / features (client and server)

The program generates a unique password from a masterpassword and a domain-name. Though the master-password stays the same, the generated passwords differ when visiting another domain. The tool is a small aid to avoid security risks and linkability by using identical passwords. Generated passwords are always eight characters long.

Main functionality

Password-generating by hashing master-password and domain-name.

Purchase costs in EUR

0 (There is also a Firefox-extension available. Although linkability of user accounts is definetly weakened, generated passwords may lack high security. The used Hash-function ist quite trivial due to bookmarklet restrictions for code-size. Thus by knowing the tool / bookmarklet that is used for generating a password, the basic master-password can be recovered. The tool is not recomended for high-risk sites.)

Flow charts of the IMS

Screenshots of the IMS

Other file resources


Evaluator of the IMS


General Comments (free text)

Last website update: 2004-10-31. Project seems abandoned.

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