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SSIT7: Identity in the Information Society: Security, Privacy, The Future.

The Information Systems Group will host the seventh annual Social Study of ICT (SSIT7) workshop on 19 and 20 March 2007.

Identity is a key issue for business and government today.

Private and public sector are both developing technologies that track physical persons, their movements, financial transactions, health.

In the name of security citizens are being asked to accept from the state intrusions on their privacy undreamt of just a few years ago, while the marketing strategies of corporate enterprise rely on powerful profiling that leaves millions of consumers with nowhere to hide.

Is there a correct balance between security and privacy? Can technological intrusion into personal spheres be sustained in a democratic society? What does the future hold for identity?

This workshop offers an opportunity to engage with leading researchers and professionals in the identity, security and privacy area, to be informed of developments and to debate these contemporary issues.

Regular updates on the event will appear here.

There is no charge for attending the workshop and refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions or comments, please email Stella Mandehou, Research Coordinator

To help us with our planning and to secure a place please download an application form

The workshop will be followed by the third SSIT Open Research Forum on 21 and 22 March.

Draft programme

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