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Survey on Trust and Interoperability of eIDs in Europe

New electronic ID cards will change the way citizens of Europe work and travel.

The EU aims to facilitate freedom of movement of citizens in Europe with an electronic ID card.  The new electronic ID card system would allow seamless access to governmental services, no matter where the card is issued. The system would also hold personal information on all citizens in Europe.

This survey, from the FIDIS project, examines European citizens’ attitudes on the trust and interoperability issues on the electronic ID card. It is intended to help shape policy in this important area of citizen’s lives.

The FIDIS project wants to make EU policymakers aware of the perceptions of EU citizens on whether and how their personal information is made available to other agencies and states. 

Please click HERE to take part in the survey.

04.06.2006 09:25 Age: 13 Jahre