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ETRICS 2006 Conference

ETRICS 2006 - International Conference on Emerging Trends in Information and Communication Security

Protecting information and communication systems and services from malicious use is essential for their deployment and acceptance. In addition to applying techniques from traditional security research and security engineering, it is necessary to take into account the vulnerabilities originating from increased mobility at application level and the integration of security requirements into business processes.

ETRICS presents research contributions focusing on emerging trends in security and privacy, reports on experiences from novel applications of security technologies and discusses their changing impact on society and economy. Keynotes by international scientists and decision makers from industry (e.g. SAP, Intel and Deutsche Telekom) and politics (e.g. German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, European Commission) pay particular attention to the business management and social significance of security and privacy. Please find the program and registration on

16.05.2006 11:51 Age: 12 Jahre