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New Deliverable: D7.7 - RFID, Profiling, and AmI

The target of this study is to provide a multifocal perspective on the workingsof radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, integrating technical,social and legal perspectives. As this deliverable is part of the work package onprofiling, it regards RFID as an enabling technology for Ambient Intelligence,the ‘Internet of Things’ or the age of ‘everyware’. Ambient Intelligence (AmI)implies a real time adaptive environment in which most adaptive decisions aretaken by machines in a process of machine to machine communication. Thesedecisions are based on what is called autonomic profiling, severely restrictinghuman intervention, while being in need of a continuous and dynamic flow ofinformation. This raises many of issues that need to be anticipated and dealtwith. This deliverable will provide a descriptive analysis to prepare the way formore fundamental research into the possibilities to integrate legal andtechnological solutions and more specific research into the development of aholistic privacy framework for RFID technologies. Both are taken on in thethird work plan of the FIDIS NoE.

31.08.2006 10:25 Age: 12 Jahre